Main-land Development Consultants

Press Release

Main-Land’s branch in Southern Maine, located in Falmouth, outgrew its office. With new hires, visits from our Livermore Falls staff, and client meetings, we were tripping over each other. It was past time for an upgrade.

We didn’t move far. We were at 367 US-1, South building rear. Now we’re at 367 US-1, North building front. We moved within the same complex. Now, when you enter the site, turn left and we’re right there on the first floor. No more stairs, front door access, and plenty more room. What’s not to love?

“We’re a growing branch,” said Michael Barnes, P.E., Director of Main-Land Falmouth. “We’re a close group, but not that close. We needed the space to bring in the people needed to serve our clients and communities.”

“The old space had two flights of stairs,” said Bob Berry, P.E., President. “I lost my breath every time I visited this critical office, which, let’s face it, is embarrassing. At least being on the first floor, I can pretend to hide how out of shape I am.”

So come visit our Falmouth office. Michael and the crew would love to see you.

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