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When is the Best Time to Survey the Boundaries of your Land?

When you see land surveyors working outside on a gorgeous September afternoon, you get a little jealous. I admit, I do, too. But then I remember that in Maine, sometimes there’s bugs, rain, or eight feet of snow. Do surveyors go out then, too?


Yes. Main-Land survey’s property boundaries any time of year. But there might be better seasons, depending on your goals.


Spring and Fall are ideal for forested areas, but not because of the temperature. When the leaves are off, we can see further in the woods, which translates into easier boundary land surveying. Summer is fine, too, of course. There’s no better place to be than Maine in the summer. And mud doesn’t slow us down, as long as we can get through with four wheel drive.


Snow can slow us down, but doesn’t often stop us. If you can wait for snowmelt, great. But if not, we can still do most boundary surveying in the winter. If you have swampy land or need to cross water, frozen conditions might actually help us.


Need a boundary survey? We’re ready to help, no matter what time of year it is!


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