Main-Land Team

Overview And Experience


Overview And Experience 

Tim Gallant is a Professional Land Surveyor (Maine #2434) and Director of Surveying and Mapping at Main-Land. Tim received his B.S. in Forestry from the University of Maine, Orono, in 2002 and joined Main-Land in 2008. Tim has over twenty years of survey experience. Tim coordinates the survey work at Main-Land, including proposals, oversight, and scheduling work for our survey crews. Tim also performs day-to-day survey work, including boundary, topographic, flood elevation, and ALTA surveys. 

Tim lives with his wife and two daughters in Wayne, Maine.


Tim has worked on many projects during his time at Main-Land, including:

  • Woodstock Lake Christopher- SLZ boundary & existing conditions for house renovations.
  • Riley Dam Jay – Elevation monitoring.
  • Everett Construction- Construction layout for western Maine hospital expansion.
  • M&H Construction- Rangeley sidewalk project layout & layout subdivision roads.
  • CH Stevenson, Inc.- Livermore Falls 230 +/- acre gravel pit property – boundary & planning associated with gravel pit & abutting landowners.
  • Various residential FEMA & elevations certificates and Letters of Map Amendments per year.
  • Multiple residential boundary surveys and lot divisions per year.