Main-Land Team

Overview And Experience


Tim Gallant is a Professional Land Surveyor (Maine #2434) and Director of Surveying & Mapping at Main-Land. Tim has a B.S. in Forestry from the University of Maine, Orono, in 2002. Tim joined Main-Land in 2008, and earned his registration in that same year. Tim coordinates the survey work at Main-Land, including scheduling work for our survey crews. Tim also performs boundary and topographic surveys and coordinates Main-Land GIS systems.

Tim also performs boundary & ALTA surveys. Tim lives with his wife and daughters in Wayne, Maine.


Tim has worked on many projects during his time at Main-Land, including:

  • Woodstock Lake Christopher-  SLZ boundary & existing conditions for house renovations.
  • Riley Dam Jay – Elevation monitoring.
  • Everett Construction- Construction layout for western Maine hospital expansion.
  • M&H Construction- Rangeley sidewalk project layout & layout subdivision roads.
  • CH Stevenson, Inc.- Livermore Falls 230 +/- acre gravel pit property – boundary & planning associated with gravel pit & abutting landowners.
  • Various residential FEMA & elevations certificates and Letter of Map Amendments per year.
  • Multiple residential lot divisions per year.