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Should I be a land surveyor in Maine?

Land surveyors map property. It’s what they do. We need land surveyors in Maine to help people understand their property boundaries, easements, and topography. It’s important work for Maine people’s number one resource: their land!


Thinking about a career in land surveying in Maine? Well, good news! We have a huge demand here in Maine right now for land surveyors. Is it because no wants to do it? Is it too hard to do? No, it’s because so many are retiring after long and enjoyable careers as Maine land surveyors, and not enough young people are choosing to become land surveyors in Maine because they don’t know it’s something to consider.


There are two general types of Maine land surveyors: professional land surveyors and field technicians. Professional land surveyors typically go to college for a bachelor’s degree and train under an existing PLS until they’re ready to sit for a state exam. With a passing grade, a PLS is now licensed by the State of Maine to do land surveying. Field technicians are skilled tradespeople who typically don’t go to college and perform much of the measuring and stakeout in the field using precision survey equipment. A field technician can become a PLS with enough experience and taking the Maine test.


Land surveyors in Maine spend their time doing deed research, field surveying, calculations, plan drawing, and providing the technical documentation necessary to do things like buy and sell land. Some surveyors spend most of their time outside, rain or shine, warm or cold. Others spend most of their time inside, doing research, calculations, and drafting. Some spend time both inside and outside, depending on the job requirements at the company doing the work.


If you love the outdoors, consider becoming a survey field technician, especially if you enjoy thinking through a problem and solving it on the fly. If you’re big into mathematics and figuring out puzzles, being a professional land surveyor might be in your future. Pay varies, but it’s increasing as Maine has fewer and fewer land surveyors. Plus, being a land surveyor means you’re helping a Maine landowner with each and every survey you perform.


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